ClickonCampus is proud to present to you its first and extended home tutoring services. Now you can get the best tutors and educational consultants for you or your child. We know what it takes to attain success in a career or even to sit for an exam, and so we will let our expertise work to your advantage.

Extended subjects coverage

We have taken a step further by offering not only the basic subjects, but have also included vocation and professional courses as well. Our handpicked tutors cover the following subjects and courses

  1. School subjects
  2. English language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Sciences
  5. Economics
  6. Arts (commerce, government, etc
  1. Vocational courses
  2. Catering and food management
  3. Dress making
  4. Computer sciences and networking
  5. Corel draw and adobe photo shop
  • Professional courses
  1. Speech presentation & documentation
  2. E publishing
  3. Proof reading and academic research writing services (projects, thesis, term papers, reports, etc
  1. Adult literacy program

(Beginners, intermediate)

  1. Entrepreneurial courses
  2. Snail farming techniques
  3. Soap and detergent making
  4. Business café set up and management
  5. Restaurant set up and management
  1. Montessori
  2. Handwriting & phonics
  • Examinations
  1. Common entrance
  2. SSCE
  3. NECO
  4. GCE
  5. IGCSE
  6. JAMB
  7. GMAT
  8. TOEFL
  • Special program

We have developed a special program for students suspected to be hard of hearing or have other learning impediments.

  1. Sports

We also provide skilled trainers to take you on various exercises and sports & games such as:

  1. Fitness & health exercises
  2. Body building
  3. Martial arts (karate, judo, boxing, taekwondo, etc
  4. Scrabbles, chess, etc
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